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Opal Passions - Helium Balloons & Chair Cover Hire, Slough, Berkshire.

How long will balloons last?

11” latex balloons last on average 11 hours filled with helium, and about 2-3 days when treated with Hi-Float. Foil balloons last approx. 5-7 days. Air-filled balloons generally last for a couple of weeks, but will not float.

What is Hi-Float?

Hi-Float is a liquid protective coating that is inserted into the balloon and spread around to prevent helium from escaping as quickly. It is water-soluble and non-toxic.

Why can’t I just have the balloons set-up up the day before my event?

If you are using foil balloons, you should have no problems. But latex balloons must be treated with Hi-Float in order to ensure that they float longer than 24 hours.

Do you charge a delivery fee and if so what is it?

Local Delivery and set up are free of charge.

Can you come to my event venue and tell me what I need?

Yes, we can provide a site survey.

Is helium flammable?

No, helium is not flammable, and therefore very safe to use.

Can I suck the helium out of a balloon and make my voice funny?

It can be fatal to suck helium from a balloon because it displaces the oxygen from your lungs! Do not under any circumstances allow children to use a helium tank without adult supervision!!